The Science stream comprises of Physics, Chemistry as the core subjects and Math and Biology as optional subjects.


The Commerce Stream primarily includes Business Studies, Economics, and Accounts as core subjects and Mathematics or Secretarial Practice is left optional.


Social Science subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography and Political Science are the core subjects of Arts Stream.

We provide English and Hindi Medium as well as Morning Shift and Afternoon Shift

Nursery to Sr. KG. Eng. Medium (Morning/Afternoon Shift)

1st to 8th Eng. Med. (Morning/Afternoon Shift)

1st to 8th Hin. Med. (Afternoon Shift)

9th to 10th Eng./Hin. Medium (Morning Shift)

11th to 12th Eng./Hin. Medium (Morning Shift and Full Day)

There are both Medium available with three streams likes Science, Commerce, Arts. For 11th Admission Student must be passed 10th Exam. For other state admission in 10th student must have 10th Result, TC and Migration Certificate.


1. Creative Teaching – This is a time-tested method to identify every young student’s creative abilities and encourage creative contributions.

2. Audio & Video Tools – These methods will not only develop their ability to listen but will also help them understand the concepts better.

3. “Real-World” Learning – Relating and demonstrating through real-life situations will make the material easy to understand and easy to learn. It will spark their interest and get the children excited and involved.

4. Brainstorm

When you have multiple brains focusing on one single idea, you are sure to get numerous ideas and will also involve everyone into the discussion.

These sessions will be a great platform for students to voice their thoughts without having to worry about right or wrong.

5. Classes Outside the Classroom – Some lessons are best learnt, when they are taught outside of the classroom. Organize field trips that are relevant to the lessons or just simply take students for a walk outside of the classroom.

6. Role Play

Teaching through role-playing is a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal skills.

This method comes in handy, especially when you are teaching literature, history or current events.

7. Storyboard Teaching

Storyboarding is a great way to teach any subject which requires  step-by-step memorization or visualization highly-conceptual ideas.

History teachers can use a storyboard to recreate a famous event. 

8. Stimulating Classroom Environment

Such a creative and stimulating environment will help them explore and will encourage them to learn about the subject.

Children, especially young ones cannot be expected to sit all day and learn.  An environment that positively impacts the children is beneficial for you as well.

9. Welcome New Ideas

An open-minded attitude can help you in innovating new teaching methods. Though you might claim to be open-minded, its human nature to resist change.

Evaluate yourself and ensure you try out new ideas in the classroom.

10. Think About A New Hobby

You can take a break for a couple of hours and engage in some other activity that you’re interested in.

This will rejuvenate you and you can return to your work with more passion and interest.

11. Work Together As a Team – As everyone knows, the end result of the collaborative effort is always immense.